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L’appartment22, Rabat, proposes R22-Bruxel o’Ndra project, realized by Valentina Carollo, Abderrahmane Essaidi and Abdellah Karroum, in collaboration with L’appartement 22 group of artists and curators*.
R22-Bruxel o’Ndra is part of the exhibition Geo-graphics, Curated by Koyo Kouoh, at Bozar, Brussels, 2010.

L’appartement 22, independent space for art, proposes R22-Bruxel o’Ndra project. R22 radio produces a program documenting the correspondence between two temporary studios in Brussels and in the Rif Mountain. The R22 project is conceived as a process to investigate both geographies and histories of places and events provoking art production. R22 Brussels spreads across spaces : the Rif Mountain and the Brussels urban spaces become now connected as relative localities, with real and fictional links. R22-Brussels studio, dedicated space for documenting and exhibiting, takes part of R22 activities in the Rif Mountain as site of discovery, encounters, dialogue. R22-Rif production is meant to be collected and shared through R22 studio in Brussels. R22 broadcasting program from Brussels urban space and Rif Mountain features recordings, interviews (live and podcasts).

* Documentation and works by : Antoni Muntadas around his exhibition at L’appartement 22 "Muntadas : Two Projects" ; and Naoko TakaHashi around her three-part project "Oh Boy, Where are the Seven Colours ?"

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le 5 septembre 2010
Safaan / Touria Hadraoui & Boté percussion ** la radio de la culture contemporaine (test) ** Le bout du monde /expedition n°2 ** Ladies & Gentelemen, Hamdi Attia, 2007 ** Test station22 et experiment (bruits) ** Radio School ! ** Shezad Dawood / "For a few Rupees More" ** Stephane Dunkelman ** James Webb, "Le Marche Oriental", 2008 ** Jean-Paul Thibeau / "Comme un jeté de textes (écrits 1969-1999)" ** NaoKo TakaHashi ** Hassan Khan "El Wahda Elkebeera" ("The Big One"), at Palais Bahia Marrakech ** Aleph, sound project by James Webb ** Un-drum Series by Tarek Atoui ** mounir fatmi / Les égarés ** Tia-Simone Gardner ** Younès Rahmoun, "Khamsa" (Five), 2011 ** "Thabrate", Badr El-Hammami et Fadma Kaddouri ** Karim RAFI / in attesa di - correspondence with inaccessible places ** Gabriella Ciancimino / Vedute con Fiori (Views with Flowers) ** Badr El Hammami / Mémoire (#1 et #2) ** Fadma Kaddouri / “Aware laghnuje” or variations of a poetic composition ** Ninar Esber / "Ana Bade Inhab Minnak" (I wanna be loved by you) ** Lancement de RADIOapartment22 ** Playlist 0108 ** Projet Radio de L’appartement 22 ** M K ** Vidya Shah ** "56 56" de Gilles Vignes et Vincent Pommery ** R22’s Streaming from The 7th Gwangju Biennale in Korea ** 제7회 광주비엔날레의 R22 ** Position Papers at the 7th Gwangju Biennale ** R22 live #3 in Gwangju Biennale 03/09/08 ** R22 live #4 in Gwangju Biennale 04/09/08 ** R22 live #5 in Gwangju Biennale 05/09/08 ** R22 live #6 in Gwangju Biennale 06/09/08 ** R22 live #7 in Gwangju Biennale 07/09/08 ** R22 Universe - Live From NYC 26/06/2009 (Archive) ** Last Broadcast from Gwangju Biennale 2008 (archive) ** R22 Live From "Le Monde Autour de Vous" project’s places : Bergen, Brussels, Fez, Prishtina, Rabat ** R22 Live Projects ** Screening for "R22 Universe" at NFSF NYC 2009 ** R22 UNIVERSE _01 راديو الشقة ٢٢ العالم - ** R22-CdT LIVE_01 04/07/2009 (Archive) ** R22-Amman / AUTOSTRAD LIVE REHEARSALS (archive) ** LIVE | Mones Road (2nd reading) ** mounir fatmi / "Lost Springs", Live from Venice, 3 June 2011 **

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